V Range


V Range Features

  • Quartz tube "infra-red" heating system.

  • Powered or manual winch lift lft system..

  • Flat floor or recessed floor.

  • Under floor walkmesh construction.

  • KCR32CWIFI digital Control with 32 programs.

  • Fast react thermocouple.

  • Available in custom sizes.

  • Light weight refractory brick base.

  • Fast cooling.

  • Multiple motorised vent holes in roof controlled to open and close by the controller. 

  • Built and designed by Kilncare in the U.K.

  • Three years guarantee on ALL parts
     INCLUDING the elements.

  • Designed and built by Kilncare in the United Kingdom.

The V range of gantry lift fusing & slumping kilns offer the facility for large scale work to be loaded and fired with total ease.


The floor is of a brick construction, with steel bracing sections to give it strength.

The chamber is lifted electrically via a heavy duty winch, and can be opened to any height within its range.


Rapid cooling is provided by a large number of vents across the front, back and top of the kiln, and each side port is angled towards the floor to give good viewing of the work.


The V range is merely an adaptation of the ultra reliable FK and FK-R range, taking all of the basic points of that range and raising the stakes.


Each V system is independently tested, and safety certificates (exceeding British & European regulations) have been obtained on the entire lifting system.


The red model shown is the V250c which has an integral size of 2500mm x 1500mm x 300mm. It has an optional retention wall around the floor, is cooled by a total of 16 vents, and is mounted on castors for easy removal of the chamber when loading. Kilns from the V range can also be mounted on rails, or constructed in a fixed position.

The green model follows the same spec but has an internal dimension of 3200mm x 2100mm x 265mm.


Please enquire for a quotation on a V range kiln to suit your needs.