Trojan Range

Trojan Range Specifications

Trojan Midi

 Internal size 1000mm (wide) x 600mm (deep) x 360mm (High)

 External Size  1450mm (wide) x 1200mm (deep) x 1850mm (High) 

 Weight  660kg

 Power 18KW

 Amps  75.6A

 Voltage  400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  960c

 Controller included ST535CWIFI

Trojan 1

 Internal size 1300mm (wide) x 1000mm (deep) x 500mm (High)

 External Size  1960mm (wide) x 1600mm (deep) x 1750mm (High) 

 Weight  910kg

 Power 21KW

 Amps  88.2A

 Voltage  400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  960c

 Controller included ST535CWIFI

Trojan 2

 Internal size 1300mm (wide) x 700mm (deep) x 700mm (High)

 External Size  1960mm (wide) x 1350mm (deep) x 1950mm (High) 

 Weight  940kg

 Power 21KW

 Amps  88.2A

 Voltage  400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  960c

 Controller included ST535CWIFI

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Trojan Features

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  • Multi-zone controlled.

  • heat provided from all 4 sides, floor and roof

  • Motorized roof vents.

  • Heavy duty floor tiles.

  • Large floor weight capacity.

  • Extra thick wall insulation to ensure smooth and even temperature changes.

  • Three years guarantee on ALL parts
     INCLUDING the elements.

  • Designed and built by Kilncare in the United Kingdom.

The Trojan kilns are purpose built, medium to large scale kilns designed with just one thing in mind, perfect results. Everything about the Trojan is designed for purely casting results


Heat is provided from all 4 sides, the floor from under heavy duty tiles and from tubed elements in the roof.​

The heat from the elements is multi-sone controlled to ensure temperature uniformity across the entire volume.

Increased size ventilation ports in the roof are motorised and programmable to open and close at any point during the cycle via the temperature controller.

The kiln has extra insulation which follows the design principle that this kiln is designed to be asked to do cycles of many weeks at a time. The additional insulation serves two purposes, to assist in retaining heat during the long annealing periods and also to ensure that temperature changes in the Trojan are very smooth and stable.

The frame work is heavy duty even by our standards. Thick angle iron gives the frame a strong skeleton, there is then and internal stainless mesh panel and a powder coated external panel with an air gap in between for ventilation.


The controller for the kiln can be held remotely to make programming the kiln an easy and comfortable process.

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ST535CWIFI Controller

  • Multi-zone control.

  • 32 programs - each with up to 32 segments.

  • Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp soak.

  • Suitable for glass or ceramics use.

  • Soak times up to nearly 100 hours.

  • Ramp rates from 0.1 to 999°C/hour full.

  • Program Pause & Segment Advance facilities.

  • Keypad lockable.

  • Delayed start - up to 4 days.

  • WIFI mobile access capability.

  • USB facility for fault logging and program loading.

  • Power failure recovery.

  • Energy used display.

  • Event / Damper / Fan relay output.

  • Alarm relay with alarm buzzer.

  • Mains power switch.

  • Built in the United Kingdom.

Support Downloads


The ST535WIFI is a multi-zone controller designed for use on our larger kilns where total eveness of chamber temperature is much more difficult to maintain through simple kiln design alone. The controller monitors one section of the kiln and adjust the other sections to maintain perfect chamber uniformity with regards to temperature.

This multi-program controller is designed for glass, ceramics & pottery use. It is targeted towards glass use with 32 programs each of up to 32 segments. Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp followed by a soak. It is supplied pre-programmed with 9 typical glass programs and 9 typical ceramics programs (which can be over-written).

The slow rate capability of the ST535WIFI, down to 0,1c per hour, makes it the perfect controller for complicated glass cycles.

The ST535WIFI has the capability to be accessed and controlled remotely from your mobile device.

This is one of the most important advances in Kilncare kilns for many years.

Using Kilncares GATEWay access site you can view how your kiln is running in real time. Stop the firing or adjust programs all without even being in the same country let alone the same room.


The ST535WIFI is also fitted with a USB port that allows programs to be entered that way direct from PC if required and also allows us to apply updates and run diagnostics without travelling to your kiln.

Trojan Instruction Manual

KCR32C Instruction Manual

GATEway Instruction Manual