TLA Range Specifications


 Internal size 470mm (wide) x 470mm (deep) x 570mm (High)

 External Size  ???mm (wide) x ???mm (deep) x ???mm (High) 

 Capacity 128lts 

 Weight  ??kg

 Power 7.25KW

 Amps  31A

 Voltage  230v/400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  1050c

 Controller included KCR32CWIFI


 Internal size 500mm (wide) x 500mm (deep) x 680mm (High)

 External Size  ???mm (wide) x ???mm (deep) x ???mm (High) 

 Capacity 158lts

 Weight  287kg

 Power 10KW

 Amps  42A

 Voltage  230v/400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  1050c

 Controller included KCR32CWIFI


 Internal size 890mm (wide) x 450mm (deep) x 500mm (High)

 External Size  ???mm (wide) x ???mm (deep) x ???mm (High) 

 Capacity 204lts

 Weight  313kg

 Power 10.5KW/12KW

 Amps  44A/50A

 Voltage  230v/400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  1050c

 Controller included KCR32CWIFI


 Internal size 580mm (wide) x 580mm (deep) x 680mm (High)

 External Size  ???mm (wide) x ???mm (deep) x ???mm (High) 

 Capacity 234lts 

 Weight  ??kg

 Power 12KW

 Amps  50A

 Voltage  230v/400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  1050c

 Controller included KCR32CWIFI


 Internal size 680mm (wide) x 500mm (deep) x 820mm (High)

 External Size  ???mm (wide) x ???mm (deep) x ???mm (High) 

 Capacity 284lts

 Weight  90kg

 Power 13.5KW

 Amps  56.7A

 Voltage  230v/400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  1050c

 Controller included KCR32CWIFI


 Internal size 910mm (wide) x 500mm (deep) x 820mm (High)

 External Size  ???mm (wide) x ???mm (deep) x ???mm (High) 

 Capacity 375lts

 Weight  446g

 Power 15KW

 Amps  63A

 Voltage  230v/400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  1050c

 Controller included KCR32CWIFI


 Internal size 810mm (wide) x 760mm (deep) x 680mm (High)

 External Size  ???mm (wide) x ???mm (deep) x ???mm (High) 

 Capacity 462lts

 Weight  ??kg

 Power 17.5KW

 Amps  73.5A

 Voltage  400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  1050c

 Controller included KCR32CWIFI


 Internal size 1220mm (wide) x 610mm (deep) x 680mm (High)

 External Size  ???mm (wide) x ???mm (deep) x ???mm (High)

 Capacity 511lts

 Weight  ??kg

 Power 21.5KW

 Amps  90.3A

 Voltage  400v+N

 Maximum Temperature  1050c

 Controller included KCR32CWIFI

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TLA Range

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TLA Range Features

  • 6" walls providing low thermal loss and a low case tempreture.

  • Stainless steel lid.

  • None ceramic fibre lid.

  • Near vertical lid when opened.

  • Gas spring assisted lid.

  • Optional lockable castors.

  • KCR32C WIFI control with 32 programs and access to Kilncares GATEway remote kiln access system.

  • Automatic vents optional.

  • Three years guarantee on ALL parts
     INCLUDING the elements.

  • Designed and built by Kilncare in the United Kingdom.

The TLA Range are top loading glass casting kilns built with a longer life in mind.


The TLA has become popular with many top quality glass casting artists and establishments due to the extreme smoothness and eveness of the firing cycle that they produce making them perfect for casting thick work.

Casting  TLA feature shot.jpg

150mm (6") walls

The walls are 150mm (6")" thick to ensure for both low thermal loss, and low case temperatures. This provides very smooth annealing for larger pieces and retains heat to help with lengthy casting cycles.

Built to last


The case is made with angle iron and lines with stainless steel mesh. Panels are then fitted to give a finished appearance. The kiln frames are then powder coated and oven baked.


Fibre Lid

The lids are stainless steel and stack bonded with non ceramic fibre, a tried and tested technique that guarantees no fibre droppage onto your work. To top it off the lid opens near vertical providing unrestricted access for loading!



tla 9.jpg

Optional Automatic Vents


Automatic vents can be fitted which are programmed via the kiln controller to open and close at any point during the firing. Obviously a big advantage as the vent can be used to release moisture and close at a given temperature or to open at critical cooling points to aid faster cooling.


The controller for the kiln can be held remotely to make programming the kiln an easy and comfortable process.

kcr in hand.jpg

KCR32CWIFI controller


The KCR32CWIFI is multi-program controller designed for glass, ceramics & pottery use. It is targeted towards glass use with 32 programs each of up to 32 segments. Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp followed by a soak. It is supplied pre-programmed with 9 typical glass programs and 9 typical ceramics programs (which can be over-written).

The slow rate capability of the KCR32CWIFI, down to 1c per hour, makes it the perfect controller for complicated glass cycles.

The KCR32CWIFi has the capability to be accessed and controlled remotely from your mobile device.

This is one of the most important advances in Kilncare kilns for many years.

Using Kilncares GATEway access site you can view how your kiln is running in real time. Stop the firing or adjust programs all without even being in the same country let alone the same room.


The KCR32WIFI is also fitted with a USB port that allows programs to be entered that way direct from PC if required and also allows us to apply updates and run diagnostics without travelling to your kiln.

  • 32 programs - each with up to 32 segments.

  • Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp soak.

  • Suitable for glass or ceramics use.

  • Soak times up to nearly 100 hours.

  • Ramp rates from 1 to 999°C/hour full.

  • Program Pause & Segment Advance facilities.

  • Keyboard lockable.

  • Delayed start facility - up to 4 days.

  • WIFI mobile access capability KCR32CWIFI.

  • GATEway online firing viewing and storage.

  • Power failure recovery.

  • Energy used display.

  • Event / Damper / Fan relay output.

  • Alarm relay with alarm buzzer.

  • Mains power switch.

  • Built in the United Kingdom.


Support Downloads

TLA Instruction Manual

KCR32C Instruction Manual

GATEway Instruction Manual