SG2 Specifications

 Internal size 455mm (wide) x 380mm (deep) x 330mm (High)

 External size  650mm (wide) x 700mm (deep) x 540mm (High) 

 Shelf size (4x) 380mm (wide) x 330mm (deep)

 Weight  85kg

 Power 2.5KW

 Amps  10

 Voltage  230v

 13 amp plug top and 1.5m lead fitted

 Maximum Temperature  650c

 Controller included KCR2


SG2 Features

  • Removable rack.

  • 4 romovable stainless steel shelves.

  • Ultra safe mineral insulated elements.

  • fitted with an easy to use KCR2 controller.

The SG2 is a tried and tested formula that we are reluctant to "fiddle" with too much. Proven in its reliability, the kiln is capable of surprisingly large quantities of work in relation to its size, this is thanks to its stainless steel rack and 4 shelves each of 380 x 330..

Removable rack

The internal stainless steel shelves and rack can be removed leaving a standard usable kiln chamber!

  • Contains no Ceramic fibre.

  • Kiln stand option.

  • Three years guarantee on ALL parts including the elements.

  • Designed and built by Kilncare in the United Kingdom.

Ultra safe elements

Safety is a main priority of ours so heat is provided from ultra-safe Mineral Insulated elements around the sides. 

No ceramic fibre used

The kiln contains no ceramic fibre, and the chambers are built with high quality, light weight insulation bricks making the kiln extremely efficient.

The frames are made from a rust resistant metal, powder coated in our Ultamarine blue, and then oven baked.

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Optional SG2 Stand

The SG2 stand has two shelves, one for the kiln to sit on and one for your own use. It raises the kiln by 650mm to a comfortable height.
It is made of steel and is powder coated in our Ultra-marine blue.
The stand is supplied ready for assembly.

Can be supplied with castors at an extra cost.

KCR2 on bracket.jpg

KCR2 Control

The KCR2 has been designed for ease of use. There are no menus or masses of buttons to confuse!
All values are accessed using the step (black) key, adjustments are done using the up and down (blue) keys and the controller is started and stopped using, the start/stop (green/red) key. Simple.

Whilst the KCR2 is controlling the kiln, it shows the kiln temperature, whether the kiln is heating or cooling, the present segment number and if the kiln is running or not.

The control has 9 fully adjustable program, each program has 9 adjustable segments, each segment consists of a rate of climb/cool, a target temperature and a hold time.
A start delay can be entered.

There is a pause feature the enables the user to "freeze" the temperature at any given time during the process. Whilst the controller is in pause mode the display alternates between the kiln temperature and "PAUSEd". An audible sounder also beeps every minute or so as a reminder that the kiln is paused.

The KCR2 will show how much electricity has been used during the present/last firing.

Whilst firing the controller can be forwarded to the next segment if required.

The KCR2 has all the usual safety features such as broken thermocouple detection, over temperature protection and various kiln fault alarms.

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Support Downloads

SG2 Instruction Manual

KCR2 Instruction Manual

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sg2 3.jpg