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KCR2 Features

  • 9 programs - each with up to 9 segments.

  • Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp soak.

  • Suitable for glass or ceramics use.

  • Soak times up to nearly 100 hours.

  • Ramp rates from 1 to 999°C/hour full.

  • Program Pause & Segment Advance facilities.

  • Built in secondary safety relay to protect against over-fire fault damage to the kiln.

  • Keyboard lockable.

  • Delayed start facility - up to 4 days.

  • Power failure recovery.

  • Energy used display.

  • Alarm relay with alarm buzzer.

  • Complete with 9 preprogramed glass. programs when part of kiln package, all of which can be overwritten.

  • Built in the United Kingdom.


Support Downloads

KCR2 Instruction Manual