G76 75mm de-airing pugmill

 G76 75mm de-airing pugmill Specifications

Delivery Weight 145kg

Vacuum pump High volume oil immersed

Drive Motor 1.1Kw (1.5Hp) reduction drive gearbox direct drive 230/ 400v

Output Approximately 320 Kg per hour

Dimensions 1600mm long x 500mm wide x 470mm high

Construction Cast Aluminium 150mm barrel with 75mm extrusion , Split body to facilitate easy cleaning

Finish Durable powder coated finish

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The G76 is a 75 mm out let de-airing pugmill this machine can be offered in range of specifications and is ideal for the small studio or educational use.

The standard machine incorporates aluminium barrels and nose cone with aluminium blades and uses the same design drive system as the G48. However, the G76 offers a greater capacity both in output of clay and also an increase in size of extrusions. The G76 can also be fitted with die plates and tile nose cone.