G74 Power Feed 100mm de-airing Pugmill

 G74 Power Feed 100mm de-airing Pugmill Specifications

Delivery Weight 350kg

Vacuum pump High volume oil immersed

Drive Motor 3 Kw (5 Hp) reduction drive gearbox direct drive 230 single phase / 400v three phase

Output Approximately 1000 Kg per hour

Construction Cast Aluminium 200mm barrel with 100mm extrusion , Split body to facilitate easy cleaning

Dimensions 1905mm long x 620 mm wide x 1800 mm high

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The Kilncare Power Feed Pugmill has been developed from our existing range of de-airing pugmills and incorporates all the latest developments within the range.

The machine has been designed to provide excellent service and reliability with ease of maintenance and cleaning.

The pugmill consists of a vertically split, high grade aluminium alloy barrel, with a 200mm internal diameter and a 100mm outlet nose cone. This nose cone can be interchanged with an optional tile nose cone for the production of different size tiles. Power is derived from a high torque helical inline motor and gearbox, which drives a stainless steel hexagonal shaft via a flexible coupling. On this there are mounted individual blades which can be altered to change the configuration of the auger itself.

The pugmill is fed by a power feed chamber which is driven via a gearbox off the main drive shaft. The power feed chamber consists of two specially designed rollers which draw the clay into the main chamber of the pugmill. The chamber is protected by a safety hopper to prevent contact with the rollers by the operator.