G70 Tile Extruder

 G70 Tile Extruder Specifications

Delivery Weight 270kg

Vacuum pump High volume oil immersed

Drive Motor 2.2Kw (3 Hp) reduction drive gearbox direct drive 230 single phase / 400v three phase

Output Approximately 500 Kg per hour With tile nose cone approximately 60/80 sq f per hour

Dimensions 1905 mm long x 690mm wide x 1050mm high

Construction Cast Aluminium 200mm barrel with 100mm tile nose cone extrusion , Split body to facilitate easy cleaning

Optional extras Variable speed / Stainless steel pack

Finish Durable powder coated finish

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The Kilncare tile extruder is a very versatile machine, as besides extruding tiles, mouldings, coils etc can also be extruded with the use of the optional die plates. With the standard 100 mm diameter nose cone supplied with the machine other shapes, such as hollow forms, can be extruded with the use of optional die plates.

To obtain optimum performance with the Kilncare tile extruder one must be willing to experiment. Keeping in mind the variables that are presnt when working in clay, the importance of moisture content, die balance, shapes etc.

The Kilncare tile extruder is a purpose designed machine for the extrusion of tiles and as such is an ideal machine for the small clay manufacturer. It has been designed around our standard de-air pugmill using the same principal of design but incorporating a larger higher torque motor gearbox unit.

The machine is also fitted with a completely new nose cone outlet designed to enable tiles of approximately 280 mm width upto 25 mm thick to be extruded. Smaller and/or thinner tiles can also be extruded by the use of accessory die plates fitted to the front of the nose cone.

Ceramic literature frequently reminds operators of industrial equipment that extruding is an exact science, fraught with trial and error. With these factors in mind we have designed the Kilncare tile extruder to be able to be finely tuned by the use of variable blades and a range of additional options, the only extruder that is manufactured this way.