G50 75mm Pugmill

 G50 75mm Pugmill Specifications

Delivery Weight 78kg

Drive motor 0.75Kw (1 Hp) reduction drive gearbox 230v

Output Approximatley 300Kg per hour

Dimensions 800mm long x 280mm wide x 500mm high

Finish Durable powder coated finish

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The G50E is the same compact design as the G49E but has a larger 150 mm barrel with a 75mm outlet. The G50E has a greater out put and due to its larger hopper is easier to use than its smaller cousin. This pug mill is supplied with a thermal overload switch and safety grid as standard.

The G50E has a 6" (150 mm) aluminium body, 3" (75mm) extrusion and a split body to facilitate easy cleanin, Individual aluminium blades mounted on a hexagonal steel shaft means that the blades can be altered for different configurations, allowing for better mixing or extrusion.