G41 Bailey Tutorial Wheel

 G41 Bailey Tutorial Wheel Specifications

Delivery Weight:50kg

Drive motor 0.37Kw (0.5Hp) 0-280 rpm

Wheel head 12inch Aluminium , options available


Construction  Precision laser fabricated chassis with durable powder coated finish

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The Bailey Tutorial has been designed so that face to face teaching can be implemented enabling the teacher to control the wheel via the remote pedal and when the student is suitably confident then control can be handed back to the student.

The wheel is powered by a super smooth 1/2hp drive that is controlled by a computer enhanced VF drive that due to its unique design can generate up to the peak equivalent of 1 Hp under heavy loads that enable this wheel to give constant, smooth power throughout the speed range and is extremely quiet in operation.

The wheel has a large, one piece plastic bowl that has plenty of room for water containers and tools.