G39 Atlas Wheel

 G39 Atlas Wheel Specifications

Delivery Weight 90kg

Dimensions 1170mm long x 780mm wide x 760 mm high

Drive Motor Ac variable speed 0.75Kw (1 Hp) industrial continually rated 0-280 RPM 230v power supply

Wheel Head 12 inch (305 mm) Aluminium , Optional easy lift and studded wheel heads for bats available

Construction Polished wooded cabinet with heavy duty sealed for life bearings

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The Gladstone Atlas Wheel has been specifically designed for professional use and its' load capacity is in excess of 50 kilos of clay. The Atlas is constructed from a reinforced polished wooden cabinet with hardwood front and side legs and a hardwood integrated shelf. The wheel is complimented by a upholstered seat which is adjustable for height, and is fitted with a large moulded plastic bowl. The Atlas wheel sits 6" lower than a standard wheel of this type to enable the throwing of tall items. The drive is supplied via a twin belt drive from a 0.75 Kw (1Hp )motor which is controlled via a sophisticated control unit that is capable of maintaining high torque response at slow speeds.

The wheel is almost silent in operation and also offers a extremely smooth response, making this wheel for the discerning professional who requires a work horse of a wheel with great power and reliability.