G35 Staffordshire Wheel

 G35 Staffordshire Wheel Specifications

Delivery Weight 70kg

Drive Motor Ac variable speed 0.37Kw (0.5Hp) industrial continually rated 0-280 RPM 230v power supply

Wheel Base 12 inch (305 mm) Aluminium , Optional easy lift and studded wheel heads for bats available

Dimensions 1120mm long x 760mm wide unassembled x 920mm high

Construction Polished wood cabinet with heavy duty sealed bearings

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The Gladstone Staffordshire Wheel is a traditional potters wheel which is designed to give a long and trouble free service.

The very strong and stable wooden cabinet is constructed from a environmentally friendly and sustainable source.

The cabinet is finished to a high polish and incorporates a integral shelf.

The wheel has a large one piece splash tray which has a built in drain for ease of cleaning and has a padded upholstered seat that is adjustable in height.

The Staffordshire wheel incorporates a sophisticated and reliable drive mechanism which offers a extremely quiet and vibration free control whilst giving a very powerful wheel with excellent torque response through the speed range and is fully reversible .