G30 Classic Wheel

 G30 Classic Wheel Specifications

Delivery Weight 80kg

Drive Motor Ac variable speed 0.55Kw (0.75Hp) industrial continually rated 0-280 RPM 230v power supply

Wheel Head 12 inch (305 mm) Aluminium , Optional easy lift and studded wheel heads for bats available

Dimensions 1170mm long x 760mm wide x 920mm high

Construction Polished wooded cabinet with heavy duty sealed for life bearings

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The G30 classic wheel is a development of the G35 and is fitted with a larger more powerful motor.

The whole cabinet is polished to bring out the natural beauty of the timber.

The seat is foam filled, covered in simulated leather and is fully adjustable for height.

The seat bracket like all other fittings on the cabinet are constructed of cast aluminium alloy, this again enhances the overall solid construction.

The drive concept and mechanism is widely acclaimed as being one of the finest drive units available to the potter. The G30 is no exception with its high torque, extremely smooth running and sensitive speed control that can be reversed at a flick of a switch.

The wheel is fitted with a large moulded splash tray and 12" easy removable Aluminium wheel head, which is fully reversible.