G166 Waterwash Spraybooth

 G166 Wet Back Spraybooth Specifications

Delivery Weight kg

Fan  Inline centrifugal

Pump unit  Self priming Immersion sump pump

Power supply 230v / 400v. Please enquire for 230v single phase model

Construction  Fabricated steel stand with Polypropylene hood and stainless steel internal wetted parts

Finish  Frame durable powder coated

Dimensions 1680mm high x 1200 mm wide x 1585 mm depth

Hood internal dimensions  950mm high x 950mm wide x 585 mm deep , working depth 500 mm

Designed and built in the United Kingdom.

The Kilncare G166 is a larger version of our popular G165 model. The wet back spraybooth has been designed to meet the ever increasing need to protect our environment. The wet back spraybooth works on the principle of a curtain of continuous recycling water running down the rear face of the spraybooth, a glaze spray is aimed towards this curtain, the spray being guided by a powerful extraction fan, the glaze is trapped by the water curtain, whilst the air stream is pulled through the booth and into a washable stainless steel pre filter and finally into a washable filter bag. The excess glaze is washed into the tank and can at a later date be reclaimed depending on the type and colour of the glaze. There is a ball valve to allow the water to be drained and the contents of the tank removed. Any glaze materials can also be removed and disposed of safely. The booth is mounted on four castor wheels.

The G166 is primarily designed to be used by the studio potter and educational faculties for low volume production, therefore the booth does not need ducting to atmosphere making it ideal for the studio environment. This unit has a hood internal size of 1 metre x 1 metre and is equiped with a separate water tank that can be detached to aid cleaning.

These Booths are for water based materials only.