EN Range

EN Specifications



 Internal size 152mm (wide) x152mm (deep) x 67mm (High)

 External Size  292mm (wide) x 324mm (deep) x 381mm (High) 

 Weight  ??kg

 Power 1.3KW

 Amps  5.5A

 Voltage  230v.

 13 amp plug top and 1.5m lead fitted.

 Maximum Temperature  1000c

 Controller optional Regulator or KCR2.


 Internal size 228mm (wide) x 228mm (deep) x 228mm (High)

 External Size  375mm (wide) x 362mm (deep) x 463mm (High) 

 Weight  38kg

 Power 3.0KW

 Amps  12.6A

 Voltage  230v

 13 amp plug top and 1.5m lead fitted.

 Maximum Temperature  1000c

 Controller optional Regulator or KCR2


 Internal size 190mm (wide) x 340mm (deep) x 100mm (High)

 External Size  330mm (wide) x 500mm (deep) x 406mm (High) 

 Weight  35kg

 Power 3.0KW

 Amps  12.6A

 Voltage  230v

 13 amp plug top and 1.5m lead fitted.

 Maximum Temperature  1000c

 Controller optional Regulator or KCR2

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EN Features

  • Perfect for enameling and jewellery.

  • Elements easily replaced from the front without the need for extensive full interior muffle replacement.

  • Can be fitted with blind Regulator or KCR2 digital control.

  • Elements made by ourselves from Kanthal A1 wire.

  • All models fitted with 13 amp plug top and 1.5m lead.

  • 3 years guarantee on all parts except the elements and cover plates.

  • Designed and built by Kilncare in the United Kingdom.

This range of kilns are designed specifically for enameling and jewellery. The EN range started way back in the 1980s and have been so succesful and reliable that chenges to them have been minimal.

Easy to replace elements.

The major difference between the EN range and other enamelling kilns is that the EN range has full access to it's elements meaning that when elements require changing, it is an easy job that does not remove the major job and expense on replacing the interior muffle.

In the event of a accident inside the kiln during firing resulting in the kiln floor been damage, again, this can be replaced by simply pulling out the damaged floor bricks and replacing them and again, without having to replace the entire interior of the kiln.

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Optional Regulator or KCR2

This kiln can be wired with either a built in energy efficiant regulator, or can be supplied with a easy to use KCR2 with a fast reacting M.I. thermocouple. 

KCR2 on bracket.jpg

The KCR2 has been designed for ease of use. There are no menus or

masses of buttons to confuse!

All values are accessed using the step (black) key, adjustments are

done using the up and down (blue) keys and the controller is started

and stopped using, the start/stop (green/red) key. Simple.

Whilst the KCR2 is controlling the kiln, it shows the kiln temperature,

whether the kiln is heating or cooling, the present segment number and if the

kiln is running or not.

The control has 9 fully adjustable program, each program has 9 adjustable segments, each

segment consists of a rate of climb/cool, a target temperature and a hold time.
A start delay can be entered.

There is a pause feature the enables the user to "freeze" the temperature at any given time during the process. Whilst the controller is in pause mode the display alternates between the kiln temperature and "PAUSEd". An audible sounder also beeps every minute or so as a reminder that the kiln is paused.

The KCR2 will show how much electricity has been used during the present/last firing.

Whilst firing the controller can be forwarded to the next segment if required.

The KCR2 has all the usual safety features such as broken thermocouple detection, over temperature protection and various kiln fault alarms.


Support Downloads

EN Instruction Manual

KCR2 Instruction Manual