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 Cub-fuser Specifications

 Internal size 510mm (wide) x 510mm (deep) x 225mm (High)

 External Size  895mm (wide) x 810mm (deep) x 550mm (High) 

 Weight  94kg

 Power 3KW

 Amps  12.6A

 Voltage  230v

 Maximum Temperature  960c

 Controller included KCR32C (KCR32C WIFI optional)

Cub D Specifications

 Internal size 510mm (wide) x 510mm (deep) x 330mm (High)

 External Size  895mm (wide) x 810mm (deep) x 635mm (High) 

 Weight  105kg

 Power 4.5KW

 Amps  19A

 Voltage  230v

 Maximum Temperature  960c

 Controller included KCR32C (KCR32C WIFI optional)


Cub-fuser, Cub-fuser-D Features

  • Quartz tube "infra-red" heating system.

  • Stainless Steel chamber and base.

  • Lid spring lift assist.

  • Flat floor with no recess. Cub-fuser

  • Recessed floor with retaining walls. Cub-fuser-D

  • KCR32C digital control with 32 programs.

  • Optional KCR32CWIFI internet access to kiln status and programs, real time monitoring from any device, anywhere with internet access via the Kilncare GATEway.

  • Non ceramic fibre lid section

The Cub-fuser is here to take its place as, what we believe to be, the largest 13 amp glass kiln in the world that will follow the recommended firing schedules of the major art glass suppliers.
This is done by combining ultra high tech materials with superior design methods.

The Cub-fuser has all of the features that have become ex[ected from the "fuser" familly and is basically a reduced width Pro-fuser. This allows customers with limited space, but larger requirements than the Hobbyfuser can supply, to fulfill thier artistic potential.

  • Light weight refractory brick base.

  • Astonishing performance.

  • Fast cooling.

  • Vent hole in front.

  • Average full fuse power consumption around 6 units.

  • Built and designed by Kilncare in the U.K.

  • Optional stand and inner shelf kit

  • FOUR years guarantee on ALL parts
     INCLUDING the elements.

  • Designed and built by Kilncare in the United Kingdom.

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Cub-fuser and Cub-fuser-D

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The Cub-fuser is not only the largest kiln available anywhere on a plug top but it is also one of the most efficient.
The Cub-fuser utilises Kilncare 2022 GX insulation system and will complete a standard full fuse using as little as 6 units of electricity.
No other kiln can of this type can match those the credentials which is becoming more and more important in these modern times.

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The Cub-fuser is fitted with the new Kilncare KCX electronic over temperature safety device.
The KCX is a standard fit on the kiln and is part of the kilns wiring making the Cub-fuser unique in having designated electronic protection as part of the kiln rather than relying on the temperature controller.

Of course, the KCR32C also has its own protection circuits to double up on the safety of this kiln.
The KCR32C is new to the Cub-fuser and is similar to the KCR16 but has a larger capability. 32 fully adjustable programs with each program having 32 fully adjustable segments.

The KCX on the Cub-fuser is preset to 970c. If the kiln temperature reaches this point, then the kiln will be shut off completely and will not start until the kiln is re-powered.

As with the Cub-fuser-D, the Cub-fuser has its Kilncare 4 year guarantee on ALL parts, including the elements, extended to an industry leading 4 years!!!!
This guarantee makes the Cub-fuser the most comprehensively covered kiln available from any manufacturer.

Take a look at how the Cub-fuser compares with the Hobbyfuser and Pro-fuser as described by one of our UK agents, Warm Glass UK.

Note. The Hobbyfuser Drop-out is a Warm Glass exclusive kiln.

Internet access to view real time status and access data..

The optional KCR32C WIFI allows the user to access the kiln in real time from anywhere with internet access via the Kilncare GATEway on our website. The benefits of this are obvious as there is no longer the need to travel to the studio or work place to see how the firing is proceeding or if indeed the firing is going as planned.

Also in the GATEway, which is unique to each user via password access, there is a firings library where past firings can be stored and named, a notes section and a log amongst other features.

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Fibre Lid

The kiln lid is made from stainless steel and lined out with non-ceramic fibre,  This method of insulation removes the danger of brick dust or particles dropping onto the glass, so making for a very clean firing environment. It also makes the Cub-fuser incredibly resistant to shock damage.

The capability of the Cub-fuser is due to the "super" backing insulation that makes the kiln ultra efficient and allows such a large capacity to be fired using so little power.

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Quartz Element Heating System

The heating system is in the roof only and utilises the latest technology "infra-red" quartz tube heating elements. This method is extremely hard wearing and strong, yet in the event of an element failure the tubes are both easy and cheap to replace.
The elements are switched off when the lid is opened by an automatic safety switch.

Angled Vent hole.

The front of the kiln has a large vent/peep hole which is closed using a spring assisted flap which houses our unique, anti-dust insulation pad which is taken from our larger fusing kiln models.
The vent/peep hole is angled so that the floor of the kiln and more importantly, your glass, can be seen.

Fast Response Thermocouple.

The KCR32C gets its data from an ultra-fast response, stainless steel thermocouple meaning no lag between the kiln temperature and the KCR32Cs control.
The fact that the thermocouple is stainless steel means it is also resilient to accidental damage.

Optional Cub-Fuser Stand


The Cub-fuser stand has two shelves, one for the kiln to sit on and one for your own use. It raises the kiln by 650mm to a comfortable height.
It is made of steel and is powder coated in our Ultra-marine blue.
The stand is supplied ready for assembly.

A further option for the Cub-fuser stand is locking, swiveling wheels.

The wheels are pre-fitted at our factory but the stand is still sent out ready for assembly.

Suitable for both Cub-Fuser and Cub-Fuser-D

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The controller for the kiln can be held remotely to make programming the kiln an easy and comfortable process.

KCR32C Controller

  • 32 programs - each with up to 32 segments.

  • Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp soak.

  • Suitable for glass or ceramics use.

  • Soak times up to nearly 100 hours.

  • Ramp rates from 1 to 999°C/hour full.

  • Program Pause & Segment Advance facilities.

  • Keyboard lockable.

  • Delayed start facility - up to 4 days.

  • Power failure recovery.

  • Energy used display.

  • Event / Damper / Fan relay output.

  • Alarm relay with alarm buzzer.

  • Mains power switch.

  • Built in the United Kingdom.

The KCR32C is multi-program controller designed for glass, ceramics & pottery use. It is targeted towards glass use with 32 programs each of up to 32 segments. Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp followed by a soak. It is supplied pre-programmed with 9 typical glass programs and 9 typical ceramics programs (which can be over-written).

The slow rate capability of the KCR32C, down to 1c per hour, makes it the perfect controller for complicated glass cycles.


KCR32C WIFI Controller (Optional)

The KCR32CWIFi is internally the same as the KCR32C but has the capability to be accessed

and controlled remotely from your mobile device.

This is one of the most important advances in Kilncare kilns for many years.

Using Kilncares GATEway access site you can view how your kiln is running in real time. Stop the

firing or adjust programs all without even being in the same country let alone the same room.


The KCR32WIFI is also fitted with a USB port that allows programs to be entered that way direct from PC if required and also allows us to apply updates and run diagnostics without travelling to your kiln.

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Stainless Steel Lid Springs

Lifting the lid on the Cub-fuser and Cub-fuser-D is aided by a pair of specially designed and built stainless steel lid springs which allow opening and closing of lid to be a single finger operation.

This makes the kiln completely user friendly but also helps in prolonged life due to the reduction of shock through "heavy" opening and closing of the lid.


Support Downloads

Cub-fuser & Cub-fuser-D Instruction Manual

Stand Assembly Instructions

Stand Assembly Guide

KCR32C Instruction


GATEway instructions