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LK lehrs for hot glass annealing

KILNCare Lehrs are constructed to be both ultra-reliable and have a supurb life span. Our Lehrs are designed to be both user friendly and practical. The interior and door are built from high grade insulation at just the right thickness to allow the Lehr to be able to cool at lower temperatures, yet be efficient whilst up at loading temperature.

The internal rack and shelves are supplied with the Lehr, but the number of shelves and shelf positions depend on the size of the Lehr. the elements are mineral insulated, and so very robust whilst also not requiring a door interlock.

Size depends very much on customer requirements, as does the door operation. The Lehrs can have single, split double or jaw style automatic twin doors, operating via an external foot pedal (either standard, or compressed electically).

KILNCare Lehrs are used in some of the U.K's top Hot Glass studios. Please contact us with your Lehr requirements, and we will be happy to try and meet them.

Please contact us with your lehr requirements

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